House on Roosevelt Street  Lead  dir. Christian Jones

Time and Time Again  Lead  dir. Addison Worthington 

Hallowed End  Lead  Poison Apple Entertainment                                       

Jupiter's Wings  Lead  dir. Justin Perkinson                                       

Vindicated  Lead  dir. Wes Smith                                              




Love in NY Recurring  dir. Matthew Russell

In Retrospect  Series Regular  In Retrospect Productions

Trail Mix - "Whores for Life"  Guest Star  Kevin Edwin Green Productions





Macbeth  Ross  Name of Bird Theater Ensemble

Buried  Rhett  The Looking Glass Forum           

Dismissing Robert Fink  Mark  Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Ampersand: A Romeo & Juliet Story  Paris  The Looking Glass Forum

Vincent  Theo/Gaugin/Jack  Studio 5



Fragments of Oscar Wilde  Simone  ZJU Theatre

Hamlet  Laertes  ZJU Theatre

Cabaret Nights  Fella  AFAA Theatre

Urban Death  Ensemble  ZJU Theatre

Hamlet: Prince of Darkness  Polonious  ZJU Theatre

Shudder  Wagoner/Half-Man  ZJU Theatre



Taming of the Shrew  Curtis  Bonstelle Theatre

Lonestar  Cletis  Hilberry Studio Theatre

Bleeding Red  Bobby  Hilberry Studio Theatre

Black Nativity  Magi/Ensemble  Bonstelle Theatre

I Love You Because  Jeff  Hilberry Studio Theatre

Happy Birthday Wanda June  Dr. Woodley  Hilberry Studio Theatre

A Christmas Carol  Bob Cratchitt  Bonstelle Theatre

Footloose  Willard  Upstage Theatre

Inspector General  Pataleyevna, Dobchinsky u/s  Hilberry Theatre

American Klepto  Oscar  Performance Network




Wayne State University, Detroit, MI BFA Acting, Cum Laude

Moscow Art Theatre (MXAT), Moscow, Russia One Month Intensive

Studio 5 Conservatory, Brooklyn, NY One Year Performance Lab

The Magnet Theater, New York, NY Improv, Musical Improv

Sign Language Center, New York, NY ASL 

Name of Bird Theatre Ensemble, New York, NY Company Member 

The Theatre Work Center, Bali, Three Week Intensive

SAGA Action Arts, New York, NY, Weekly Ongoing


Acting: Chekhov, Stanislavsky: James Luse, Lavinia Hart, Caroline Price, Aole Miller, Per Brahe, Sergei Zemtsov (MXAT), Igor Zolotovitsky (MXAT), Michael Lobanov (MXAT)


Movement and Dance (Basic Principles): Nira Pullin (Tap, Jazz, Period), Betty Mawhinney (Ballet), Eva Powers (Contemporary), Karen Prall (African), Larissa Dmitrieva (Ballet, MXAT), Natalia Fyodorova (Plastiques, MXAT), Whitney Bryant, Natalie Hyde (Swing, Tango), Aole T. Miller (Improvisation), Raina VonWaldenburg (Improvisation, Gratowski)


Voice: IPA: Michael J. Barnes, Singing: Marina Smimova (MXAT), Steven Katz


Mask: Lavinia Hart (Commedia D'el Arte, Neutral Mask), Aole T. Miller and Per Brahe (Balinese Mask)




Singer (Baritone/Tenor), Songwriter, Writer – Screenplay, Creative, Verse & Classical Text, Character Voices, Mask/Physical Theater, Trumpet, Conducting, Can Read Music, Phone Skills, Un Peu Francais, Rap, ASL, Valid Driver’s License and Passport. Lifeguard, Figure Skating, Swimming, Basic Surfing, Yoga, Cycling, Running, Weightlifting, Basic Tumbling, Stage Combat: hand to hand, rapier and dagger, kickboxing.

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